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I’d not heard the word ‘Stuffocation’ before, but it says so much doesn’t it. Stuffocation is definitely the opposite of minimalism.

It sounds like something to describe being suffocated by stuff, and it conjures up such a physical reaction to the overwhelming feeling of stuff taking over.


I looked up the meaning of ‘suffocate’ and whilst its context is far more serious, its definition when adapted to a minimalist lifestyle fits just as well.


Stuffocate : verb

  • overwhelm, or cause to suffer from lack of focus and inability to simplify and do what is most important.
  • have or cause to have difficulty in finding what matters most
  • feel or cause to feel trapped and oppressed by belongings


I’ve adapted my own definition.

I’m not sure where this word came from or who coined it. A brief search finds a few suggestions on a minimalist lifestyle, but no originator.


The one thing I do know, is that next year I’ll feature in a book that’s entitled.

“Stuffocation: How We’ve Had Enough of Stuff, and Why Experience Matters More Than Ever” by James Wallman


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  1. Hi, just found your blog, i too am a minimalist, the stuff i had was suffocating me so much that it had to go. I just wish i could get my daughter to see the benefits of minimalism. As going in to her rooms drives me insane.

    • Felicity, I share your pain. My son is the same. Much as I’d like to force minimalism, or at least tidiness on to him, it just doesn’t work. All I can do is hope in later life he finally ‘gets it’.

  2. Hi Chris,
    I too have only recently stumbled upon your blog and had a read through a fair few of your articles, which I have found extremely inspirational. I can really relate to a lot of what you’re saying and am keen to make a start on decluttering my life and more importantly my stuff.
    However I also feel that I am so addicted to this consumer driven lifestyle that I’m finding it really difficult to break the habit of buying more crap!!
    It feels almost like I’ve got this crazy split personality and I’m finding it really stressful to try and resolve my two selves. I wonder is this anything you’ve ever experienced and how you dealt with it. Any advice would be much appreciated, all the best.

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