Essentialism, Minimalism, Focus and Simplicity

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Essentialism, Minimalism, Focus and Simplicity
I’ve been reading Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism, The disciplined pursuit of less, and as The Minimalists pointed out only last week there’s a vast array of words that could describe Minimalism. Its an eye opening book for those new to the concept of Minimalism, but as I read, I felt the word Essentialism, in many cases, could have easily been replaced with Minimalism.
Minimalism allows you to live a simple life, Essentialism allows you to live a simple life. Living a simple life allows you to focus on whats important, stripping away all that is not, busyness, distraction and the desire to consume. 
All of this together leads you to whats important, and another famous line I’ve seen a lot of this week.
The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing – Stephen R Covey
Whatever you call it, Minimalism allows you to focus on the main thing.



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  1. Hi,
    I guess many of us have the same general mind-set, but the variations are great. I would hate not to have my own home, even paying a mortgage. Eventually mine got paid off, but
    my mind-set and those of my partner are poles apart. She wants comfort and a nice house: I’m happier living in a workshop. I got lucky and found a wreck of a house within budget. It has a leaky roof, no running water, no heating and no carpets, curtains or toilet facilities. I love it. This may be taking minimalism a bit far, but it sure appeals to me. I’m happy for the family who can live in their ‘des res all mod cons’, but I hated it. They think I’m nuts and I can confirm that is true, but now I’m a happy nut.
    Now, wheres my angle-grinder…..

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