Digital Clutter – BBC Radio 4’s Digital Human

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Digital Clutter – BBC Radio 4’s Digital Human

Digital Clutter is becoming as big an issue as the physical clutter. BBC Radio 4’s Digital Human programme are covering the subject in the last of their series entitled, Silt.

Yours truly was invited on to talk about the subject, along with varied commentary on some of the more obscure members of the decluttering environment. I haven’t heard the final programme release, but it promises to be an interesting look at where we’re going with our digital lives and the potential clutter that will follow.

The programme airs at 16:30 on Monday 18th May 2015, on Radio 4, but there’s a possibility to listen online if you miss the broadcast.

The link to the programme page is here.



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  1. I have just listened to the broadcast on my way home in the car. It resonated and I had to find this blog. For some months now I have been attempting to whittle down my possessions, they are overwhelming. It is a struggle being faced alone as significant others do not agree. While there has been progress, every room, the garage, the shed and every surface seems to continue to produce more stuff – not mine, but it is drowning me.
    About two weeks ago I had a look at emails from 2006 – they mark the beginning of marriage and the heady days of early love and I have been unwilling to let them go as they describe a time that has passed and feelings that have changed. We have just agreed to separate. Tonight I will delete all those old emails and maybe have a wee weep, but it is time. It is time to reduce what I have so that when I move from here it is with what is necessary.
    Serendipitous timing. Keep blogging!

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